5 Mistakes That Make Customers to Abandon Your E-commerce Websites

5 Mistakes That Make Customers to Abandon Your E-commerce Websites

Ask an experienced marketer or e-commerce business owner, and they’ll tell you that loyal customers are hard to come by these days. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, competition also becomes stiffer, which means if your product can’t address customers’ need, they will move to another e-commerce website. While customers don’t expect perfection from you, there are certain aspects that they expect you to deliver on 100%. Let’s look at the mistakes that can make customers leave your e-commerce store and head to the competition:

Lack of (or insufficient) product information on your e-commerce platforms

Detailed product description can influence a customer to buy a certain product. Note that today’s shoppers are intelligence enough. They’ll do their due diligence before buying anything. The due diligence is to get detailed information about the product they intend to buy. If your e-commerce has insufficient product information or lacks it all together, don’t expect the customer to buy from you.

Slow e-commerce platforms

One of the leading causes of abandonment is slow loading web pages. In fact, according to statistics, 40% of customers abandon an e-commerce website if its web pages load time goes beyond 3 seconds. Most websites incorporate a lot of graphics and fancy web designs to the point that they disregard the websites load time. Statistically, a page’s slow load time of one second could cause 7% reduction in conversions. So when designing your website, makes sure to test out it’s load time before you begin operations.

High shipping cost and slow delivery time can harm your e-commerce websites progress

If your shipping charges are through the roof, no customer will buy from you. If your delivery time is poor, customers will abandon you in record numbers. Therefore, if you can offer free shipping and improve your delivery time, you have a bright future as an e-commerce business owner.

Lack of immediate assistance can kill your e-commerce websites

Customers are busy people today. They want to come to an e-commerce store, buy quickly and leave. If they find problems in the course of the buying process, they want immediate assistance. If you can’t do that, you’ll fail as an e-commerce business owner.

Inaccurate inventory can negatively impact your e-commerce websites

Innovative software has come up that show customers inventory levels in real time. It can be a nasty experience for a customer to see that the product they want is available only to be told it’s out of stock when checking out.


Customers have higher expectations for brands these days. If you want to remain in business long enough, you have to deliver on their needs. Your e-commerce website strategy should help eradicate these mistakes to ensure your customers stick to your brand.