Using Online Website Builder to Create an Online Presence

Using Online Website Builder to Create an Online Presence

Gone are the days when you needed to grasp advanced levels of HTML and CSS coding to create a website. With modern site builders, you can quickly create your online presence and publish pages without having to write a single script of code. Learning how to make a website with an online site builder is a relatively effortless process, and anyone can achieve it with minimal effort. All you need is a reliable platform that provides the necessary features required to build a professional website.

Nonetheless, there are still a few basics to understand before you start creating a site.

How it works

As aforementioned, learning how to make a website with an online site builder should not be a problem. Various free online videos explain the basics of setting up your site using any given site builder. Most offers also come with their free tutorials that will help you throughout the process.

Usually, you will need to pay a given fee to unlock some unique features such as advanced security. The typical processes involved in website creation include;

Signing up for an account — many offers allow you to sign up using your email address to gain access to the dashboard where you can start developing your site bit-by-bit. You will also receive your login credentials via email.

Drag and drop — Website creation involves adding text, images, videos and other objects to a page.

Most site builders allow drag-and-drop capabilities, so you can quickly create pages and add blocks of texts and pictures. Once the layout is set, all that remains is creating new pages and including the objects you want for the page.

Theme creation — a few select site builders come with the option to install themes from your computer although most will provide a library of themes to choose from. It is essential to create a unique theme that will set you apart from other sites using the same site builder. This includes setting different colors and harmonizing your pages to create an appealing transition between the main pages.

Hosting services — website creation goes hand in hand with hosting services. In many cases, the site builder will come with a hosting plan to offer a one-stop shop for your website. This also reduces the technical details. You can purchase a domain name and hosting service from the same platform offering the site builder.


There are several online site builders in the market, but not all of them offer the same features. It is still important to review aspects such as ease of use, available themes, design flexibility, support services, flexibility, SEO (search engine optimization) and ability to export the site, among others. More importantly, choose a reputable site builder that is highly rated by users. This way, you will be able to land the best offers on how to make a website with an online site builder.

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